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The adventure begins at 11:00. We will meet at The Necessary Mercantile for a brief introduction and then proceed to whichever trail best suits your group's abilities.

Lunch will be provided by our friends at:

White's Wayside

During our lunch break, your group will enjoy a brief presentation with exhibits and handouts. After lunch, we continue hiking and the adventure usually concludes around 3:00.

We have many options to customize your adventure and are happy to assist with lodging, meals, entertainment and transportation options. 

In the form, please let us know:

  1. What date you would like to book your adventure.

  2. How many adventurers will be in your group (2-10).

  3. Do any of the participants have physical limitations that need to be considered?

  4. . Please give us a general description of your group (children, elderly, physically challenged, etc...).

If you would prefer to talk on the phone, please provide your number and the best time to contact you or call us Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:45 eastern time.

In the state of Virginia, if you enjoy equestrian or agritourism activities, there are legal protections afforded to those businesses against certain liabilities. Despite equal risks, ecotourism has not yet gained those protections. To participate in an Enchanted Nature Tours inc. activity, we require that all participants fill out the following two (2) documents:


Enchanted Nature Tours Release of Liability Form


This Covid Waiver form is required by our insurance company


Covid Waiver Form


We require signed copies to be emailed or send a photo of the signed forms to us before the trip. You may present them in-person, no later than the morning of the activity. No one may participate in an event, that has not provided a signed copy of the two documents. If necessary, blank copies will be provided the morning of the activity. No refunds will be provided for refusal to sign the documents on the day of event.

If you have any questions at all, please email:

You can also call or text: (540) 324-8778

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Reservations must be cancelled no later than 2:00 pm Eastern Time on the previous day to the activity. If you feel any symptoms related to Covid-19 or are concerned that you may have been exposed to the Coronavirus, please cancel and see a medical professional.

If for some reason, you may not attend the activity and have not cancelled in time, a partial refund may be applicable at the discretion of Enchanted Nature Tours inc.

Thank you! Your message was sent successfully. 

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