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Issue 34


November 2023

Greetings Enchanted Nature Community

Please enjoy our latest  issue of The Enchanted Nature Newsletter.

We hope that you had a happy Thanksgiving and that your holidays are filled with good health, joy, and time spent with those you love.

Looking for the Beauty


"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer" - Albert Camus

Here in the Shenandoah Valley, winter has arrived; bringing with it plunging temperatures, wind, and even a few snowflakes already. Thankfully, we are still enjoying some temperate days that make outdoor chores a little less taxing. Though the wildflowers are dormant beneath the frosted ground and it appears that nature is taking some time off, there is an array of enchanting beauty to be found in nature. The tree branches silhouetted against the clear blue sky display stunning patterns that are usually hidden by foliage. Lovely lichens of many shapes, colors, and sizes are on full display even in the coldest times of the year. There are mushrooms that will fruit in the snow. If you seek the beauty in winter, you will find it.

If you're craving some nature or know somebody that is, come and be enchanted by nature with us:

From Our Readers

Thank you for your photographic contributions to The Enchanted Nature Newsletter.

If you see anything enchanting in nature, take a picture and please send it along.


Elene Paul shared some FANTASTIC photos for this month's Enchanted Nature Newsletter.

Above we see a flock of wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo)

Below we have a beautifully composed photo of a red fox (Vulpes vulpes).

Hope this sly rascal stays away from the henhouse. 


Here we see a skiff of snow in early Blue Ridge winter.


MANY THANKS for sharing your photography skills with the Enchanted Nature community Elene.

Pat Spahn caught this mother turkey with three chicks.

Thank you for the smile. What a cute pic!


Don Depoy shared some great pics this month.

Below we see a Chicken of the Woods mushroom


WOW! What a beautifully composed picture of autumn foliage and a country road just begging for us to see what lies around the next bend.

We're not sure what to make of this last pic. It obviously has been photoshopped but where would these tracks lead to? What is beyond that turn in the track?

 It is so odd that we just had to post it. Thanks for sharing Don!


Please send us your pics and queries: 

You can also text your pics & questions to (540) 324-8778.

From The Writers

More turkeys...Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) mushrooms that is


Cladonia lichens can be found putting on a show all year round.

Early Winter Enchantment

By: Christopher Vacher

Exploring nature in the early snowless winter unveils hidden treasures often overshadowed during other times of the year. Evergreen trees and herbaceous plants provide a contrasting hue against the subdued backdrop. Walking through wooded trails, one can be enchanted at the intricate details of branches intertwined like a natural tapestry. The absence of snow allows for a clearer view of the earth's textures—moss-covered rocks, the weathered bark of trees, and the intricate patterns of fallen leaves, creating a mosaic of natural marvels waiting to be discovered.








Watching wildlife during winter takes on a different feeling. While some creatures migrate or hibernate, others remain, offering glimpses of their resilience in adapting to the colder climate. Birdwatching, an enchanting pastime is hypnotizing as our feathered friends flit between the bare branches or gather around feeders.


The crisp air seems to amplify the sounds of nature, making the rustling of downed  leaves or the call of distant birds more distinct, adding a layer of serenity to the winter experience. Nature in a snowless winter might lack the pristine purity of a snowy landscape, but it compensates with its subtle charm and intricate details waiting to be admired.









Early winter offers a unique opportunity to witness the resilience of nature as it adapts to colder temperatures. Hardy evergreen trees stand as a testament to nature's endurance. The sight of frost-kissed grass glistening in the morning sunlight brings a touch of magic to the winter landscape. Exploring nature without snow allows for a deeper appreciation of the subtle beauty that emerges during this season, from the earthy tones of dormant vegetation to the delicate dance of sunlight filtering through bare branches. Be sure not to miss out on this magical part of the winter season while staying warm and safe.


Enchanted Nature News

We are updating our website.  Our home page design has been edited to reflect all of our other services and products. We also have another URL that will lead visitors to our site. You can reach us at

Enchanted Nature is updating and constructing our store.

Soon, we will be offering medicinal mushroom extracts.

We are in the last phases of regulatory compliance

with state and federal agencies. While no products are currently available,

feel free to take a peak around our new store (The Trading Post).



























































Join us at our next mushroom class





Enchanted Nature Tours is being seen around the world. Virginia Tourism worked with an international marketing firm to create a series of videos that will be shown in airports. The company reached out to us for an interview. Keep in mind that were no scripts, no rehearsals and we had no editorial input on the piece. We met in the forest, answered a few questions and they cobbled together the video.














If you have any nature, gardening, or horticultural questions or comments, feel free to send them to

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If you are in the area, please come and see us at The Farmartisan Wintertide Market on December 10th, 12-4pm

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At The Necessary Mercantile, you'll find Friends of Fungus. Be sure to check out the website's Fungus Among Us page. It's loaded with mushroom information.



This month's theme is "Enjoy".  We are embedding a video from one of our favorite youtube channels. It's 3 hours of relaxing music and beautiful mushrooms.

Relax and Enjoy...


Findings reported in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, suggest that keeping a few snapshots of greenery around yourself might be beneficial. When participants viewed the natural images in the experiment, their stress levels lowered, thanks to the activation of their parasympathetic nervous system – which controls certain rest functions. "Viewing green scenes may thus be particularly effective in supporting relaxation and recovery after experiencing a stressful period and thereby could serve as an opportunity for micro-restorative experiences and a promising tool in preventing chronic stress and stress-related diseases." Take a deep breath, hold it, and let it out slowly as you relax.


If you're ready to explore the forest, 

come out for an adventure with us 


There are many proven health benefits to spending time in nature. It has also been proven that just looking at images of nature can provide multiple health benefits including: reducing depression, speeding healing, improving your immune system, preventing dementia, improving your mood, and increasing happiness. We plan on ending each newsletter with a short video of a natural scene. Hopefully the videos will provide you with some of the benefits listed above.

Stay safe and enjoy nature

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