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Image by Jason Mitrione

About Enchanted Nature Products

It is important for you to trust the people that you're buying products from. Some companies never touch or even see the products that they sell. These are often manufactured in countries with lenient safety standards and some have been found to contain fillers, contaminants, and ingredients not listed on the label. These bulk products are then packaged, labeled, and shipped by another company directly to the retailer. 

At Enchanted Nature, we are FUNGAL FANATICS! We start with fresh mushrooms from reliable local sources. In fact, we grow and forage many of the mushrooms ourselves. We harvest the best and leave the rest for nature. Throughout the process, each mushroom, each batch, and each product is inspected for quality and consistency repeatedly.

Our extracts and powdered mushroom products are lovingly crafted and packaged, by hand, in small batches. This allows us to personally oversee every aspect of our quality control and provide you with an exceptionally pure and potent product. We use only whole fruiting bodies (mushrooms) and methodically double extract them so that you receive the maximum benefit with every serving.

We endeavor to be accessible and transparent. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us

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